Should The Toronto Wolfpack Target Sonny Bill Williams Or Should They Look At Other Superstar Signings?

The Toronto Wolfpack are looking at signing Sonny Bill Williams after his commitments to the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup are over.

The Wolfpack recently won the right to be promoted into Super League for the 2020 Super League season, and with a few players leaving the club they are looking to bolster their squad to ensure they have a strong year next year.

So, is signing a 34 year old Rugby Union player the way to go?

While Sonny Bill Williams would no doubt bring a lot of attention to the club, he would come at a high price. Sonny Bill Williams would tear up Super League and be a handy addition to the Wolfpack, but it does make you wonder if that sort of money would be put to better use on other players that are either available, or who could be tempted to give a season or two in Toronto a go just for the different experience it would offer.

So what other players could the Wolfpack look to sign? I have a few suggestions…

Valentine Holmes
Holmes has said he is committed to continuing his NFL journey however the money on offer in Rugby League is starting to become a consideration.

At just 24 years old, a goal kicker, with his NFL profile and his outstanding attacking ability, Holmes would be an amazing signing for the Toronto Wolfpack. He would be the best player in Super League and give the Wolfpack one of the games best attacking player. Holmes may also see this as a move that would not be so much the “all of nothing” moves that heading back to the NRL would no doubt be. It would allow him to stay in north America and keep some opportunities open.

Cooper Cronk
Coming off the back of another NRL Premiership, Cronk decided to move to Sydney to preserve the media career of his wife who words for Fox Sports. Could there be media opportunities in Toronto for her that would tempt Cronk to make a move? Its interesting to think about. Cronk would be the absolute perfect signing for the Worlfpack, but they would have some work to do to get him to leave Sydney.

Jarryd Hayne
With one of the legal issues Hayne has ahead of him out of the way, there is just one more left. If Hayne was able to get through his legal problems being found not guilty, there is the possibility he may look to resurrect his Rugby League career.

Toronto would be an opportunity for him to do that away from the Sydney media spotlight. It would allow him to head back to North America where he had so much success previously, and it just might be a good change for him. There is a lot to happen between then and now, but it must be an option for both Hayne and the Wolfpack.

Paul Gallen
He may have recently retired from the NRL, but could Paul Gallen be lured out of retirement if an offer way made by Toronto? It’s interesting to think about. Gallen would be a great addition to Toronto’s forward pack, although he would only be available for a season or two at most because of his age.

Sam Burgess
There is a lot of talk right now about the state of Sam Burgess’ shoulder, with some claiming it may for him into an early retirement. While that seems a little extreme, you have to wonder if Burgess would be open to a return to Super League with the Wolfpack, a move that would allow him to get out of the incredible grind that is the NRL season. he would be a great signing for Toronto, but with him being so settled in Sydney, it would be a big move for him.

Greg Inglis
Having played recently in the Koori Knockout tournament and having not been through the grind of the 2019 NRL season, could the Toronto Wolfpack lure Greg Inglis out of retirement for one last season in Super League? He would be a fantastic addition to the club, and I have no doubt that physically he would be able to dominate in Super League.

Semi Radradra
He is currently tearing up the Rugby Union World Cup with Fiji and he will no doubt have a number of big money offers from all over the place, but could the Wolfpack come up with the right offer to lure Semi Radradra back to Rugby League?

No doubt Radradra would be devastating in Super League, and he would provide the Wolfpack with one of the best players in the world. It would be a major move however and one that would cost a lot of money. He would no doubt be a better signing than Sonny Bill Williams however.

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