League Freaks World Famous Rankings

Is this crazy world people are looking for order, they want everything sorted so that they can go through life know how things stand. League Freak has taken his time to make sure you life is better for having come to his web site by rankings everything you could possibly imagine into nice, neat lists.

He’s a good fella that League Freak…

Rugby League World Rankings – December 2013

The World Cup has been run and won. So where does everyone rank in all of the nations that took part in the 2013 World Cup? League Freak ranks every team, check to see where your nations ranks!

Worst Super League Imports Of All Time – July 2013

They came, the saw, they were terrible! These Super League imports were memorable for all the wrong reasons. They were bloody terrible. Their teams couldn’t wait for them to head home!

The Biggest Whingers In Rugby League – July 2013

These are the people within Rugby League that just won’t stop whinging. There is always something wrong according to this lot. At not time do they ever seem happy. You just wish they would shut up!

The Six Worst English Imports – July 2013

The Poms who turned up in Australia looking to make their mark, and who left memories of their craptacular time against the worlds best players. And they say England stopped sending their thieves to Australia 200 years ago…

League Freaks Top Ten Favourite Super League Players – June 2013

People say that League Freak hates every single player in Super League. That is simply, mostly, not completely true! Here League Freak lists his favourite Super League players. Some may surprise you!

The Top Ten Fullbacks In Rugby League – June 2013

They are some of the best players in the game, and with many people making bold claims about who is the best fullback in the world, League Freak took it upon himself to rank them! Click the link and see if you agree with this list.

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