The Worlds Greatest Collection Of Rugby League Quotes!

A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes a quote is worth a thousand pictures.

Here you will find the worlds greatest collection of Rugby League quotes by Rugby League Players, Rugby League Coaches, Rugby League Administrators and generally anyone who has an opinion on Rugby League.

League Freak’s Funny Quotes

League Freak likes to think he is a comedian sometimes. His interactions with other people can result in some memorable quotes. Here are some of his best from over the years.

Rugby League Player Quotes

Nobody ever accused Rugby League players of having the best vocabulary. This list of player quotes probably proves that.

Coaches And Administrators Quotes

These are the people that basically run and control our sport. Take a look at some of their best, and then shake your head in horror!

Legends And Commentator Quotes

In many ways they are the voice of the game. We hear them on a regular basis, and they stuff up from time to time. How could you not want to read these quotes!

Other Memorable Rugby League Quotes

These are quotes by people from outside the game who are of some note. Some are funny, some are tragic. OK, most are tragic.

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