LeagueFreak.com Featured Sections

Here you will find some of the featured sections of the web site.

The King Of Rugby League Awards

Who is the best player in Rugby League at any one time? The King Of Rugby League Awards settles that debate. Forget the “golden boot”, this is the one award that tells you who the best of the best really is.

The Official Rugby League Dictionary

What to know what the different terms in Rugby League mean? This is the place for you! More are being added all the time!

NRL Rumours

All the latest rumours from the NRL and Super League in easy to read point form!

Rugby League Quotes

A fantastic collection of Rugby League quotes throughout the history of the game!

Fantasy Rugby League Teams

A collection of teams made up from various different themes in the game…and sometimes beyond!

Super League Import Ratings

League Freak rates all of the imports finding their way into Super League.

League Freaks Predictions

League Freak rubs his crystal ball and tries to predict what will happen in the future!

Rugby League On Wikipedia

A look at Rugby League on Wikipedia!

Rugby League Trolls

Rugby League trolls of note. These pricks are people to avoid!

Rugby League Rankings

Ranking random things in Rugby League.

The 2013 Rugby League World Cup

The 2013 Rugby League World Cup section of the web site.

I Hate Rugby Union – The Web Site

League Freak hates Rugby Union. So much so that he made an entire section of his web site about it!

League Freaks Movie Ratings

League Freak rates a whole lot of movies he has watched!

The 2015 National Rugby League Draw

Here you will find the draw for the 2015 National Rugby League season.

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