League Freak Mentions In The Mainstream Media

League Freak has no connections with any media outlet. LeagueFreak.com is completely independent. That doesn’t stop the media from wanting a piece of the action though!

More and more media outlets are mentioning League Freak and his web site. This page is to highlight some of the mentions League Freak gets in the media!

League Freak Mentioned In The UK Mirror Newspaper
When a bunch of Poms claimed Kevin Sinfield was the best Rugby League player in the whole world, League Freak thought it was ridiculous. His comments ended up being featured in the UK press alongside the likes of Phil Rothfield and Dean Richie.

League Freak Featured In The UK Mirror Newspaper For A Second Time
The Poms can’t get enough of League Freak, they love to hate him! That is why it wasn’t a surprise to see a section feature by the Mirror that was all about The Glorious one!

League Freak Gets A Third Mention In The UK Mirror
In a sign that League Freak is a world wide phenomenon, League Freak got a third mention in the UK Mirror by his now close personal friend Nigel Wiskar. It was brilliant!

League Freak Rated The Number One Peoples Choice On Twitter By Big League Magazine
When Big League Magazine put the call out to its followers to tell them who their favorite Rugby League Twitter account was, League Freak won in a landslide.

Daniel Nichols Quoted In The Sydney Daily Telegraph
Daniel Nichols wrote a piece for LeagueFreak.com about the costs of buying an NRL club membership in 2013. The article got attention from Daniel McGrath, a writer for the Sydney Daily Telegraph. It resulted in a phone call being made to Daniel Nichols and with him being quotes in the paper as a writer from this web site.

League Freak Mentioned Once More In The Mirror By Nigel Wiskar
Nigel Wiskar believes UK Rugby League journalists should hand the “Golden Boot” award to another undeserving Englishman if only to upset critics from Down Under. The only critic mentioned? League Freak!

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