About LeagueFreak.com

The “Official Web Site Of The King Of The Internet: League Freak”, started off as a single web page in late 2004. It was basically just a page where I posted a profile and a couple of funny League pictures I had. I wanted to use it as a base where people knew they could find me should I go missing off of the main League forums.

I had quite a bit of content for a web site so I gradually added bits and pieces to the site over time.

People loved the Rugby League pictures I had and that, coupled with the fact that there are some things you just CAN NOT find on other web sites, prompted me to expand my web site to what it is today.

When I made the decision to expand my web site, I didn’t want something that blended into the thousands of League web sites out there today. Sure I could offer news, ladders and live results, but the fact is people get them from actual news web sites anyway!

I wanted my web site to be something a bit special. Kind of like when your cleaning your garage out and you find a big box of old Rugby League Week magazines and all your old footy cards. I wanted something people would visit from time to time to really enjoy everything that is good about the great game of Rugby League.

I set the web site up in the hope that people visit a couple of times a week. Have a look around, read some of my opinions, have a few laughs and generally enjoy themselves.

So if you’ve just stumbled across this web site…..RELAX!

This web site isn’t intended to be an Internet Bible on Rugby League. This web site is here for one reason and one reason alone….to give Rugby League fans a chuckle.

It was set up by a bloke that loves the games and has a sense of humour and likes to use it at every chance he gets.

So if you’ve got all upset over something on this site, there is really no need for it. This is basically one big piss take on everything involving the game of Rugby League, the personality that is League Freak….and really, just life in general.

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