Valentine Holmes Still Focused On NFL Despite Interest From NRL Clubs In Australia

Valentine Holmes has spoken of his desire to continue his dream to play in the NFL despite knowledge he could earn big money in Australia playing for an NRL club.

The New York Jets terrible start to the NFL season may offer Holmes a chance to force his way from the Jets training squad into the NFL team, however as time goes on the millions on offer from NRL clubs has to start weighing on his mind.

Holmes has done very well so far on his NFL journey and looked good in pre season games for the Jets. He was a little unlucky to not get a start in the Jets main NFL team but his role in the practice squad shows the Jets do believe he has potential.

If Holmes does decide to return to the NRL he would have a number of clubs that would be looking to sign him.

His former club the Cronulla Sharks would love to have him back, although the salary cap situation the club finds themselves in right now would mean the club would need to move on at least one highly paid player to get Holmes back.

The Brisbane Broncos would love to have Holmes strike power at the club, but they would similarly need to clear a bit of salary cap space to be able to fit Holmes in.

The North Queensland Cowboys have made it well know they held back salary cap space to sign Holmes last season if he decided to cut his stay in New York short.

No doubt the Sydney Roosters would also happen to find the salary sombrero space available to make Holmes an offer as well.

Its an interesting balancing act for Holmes right now. He won’t be on a huge amount of money playing in the New York jets training squad, and with at least $5 million on offer back home, how long will he be able to continue on his current path before the money aspect of it all comes into play.

It feels like if Holmes can’t crack the Jets team over the course of the current NFL season, he might look to make the better long term financial decision and head back to the NRL.

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