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A well known Rugby League writer, League Freak has established a reputation among supporters of the game for his fearless commentary and unmatched insight. With a reach that spans both sides of the globe, League Freak has produced an independent network that allows him to distribute content to his many thousands of followers. He is the owner and main author of LeagueFreak.com

Rugby Vs American Football

In the world of team sports, the rivalry between rugby and American football stands out. Both sports are deeply rooted in tradition and passionately followed by countless fans, showcasing a blend of athleticism, strategy, and physicality. Despite their common focus on teamwork and competition, rugby and American football differ greatly in their rules, playing styles,…

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How Did The Panthers, Warriors and James Fisher-Harris Keep The Biggest Move Of The Year A Secret?

Loose lips sink ships, and in Rugby League it sometimes feels like everyone is more than willing to tell you the latest NRL rumours or show off photos of “secret negotiations” that are happening out in a very public place. Hi Gus! However, yesterday when the world heard news that the best front rower in…

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No NRL Coach Has Ever Been Responsible For Their Team Losing A Game…..Just Ask Them!

I feel really sorry for NRL coaches. These perfect people who have to work against the system that keeps trying to drag them all down. From referees, to the rule book, to the schedule, to broadcasting time, travel issues, turn arounds, the judiciary, the media, fans having high expectations, rumours, the weather….the list goes on…

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The Art of the Tap: Revolutionising Hospitality with Self-Serve Beer Walls and POS Integration

In the vibrant heart of the hospitality industry, an innovative trend is transforming the traditional bar experience into a futuristic adventure: self-serve beer walls. This emerging technology not only delights customers with its novelty and efficiency but also integrates seamlessly with an advanced bar POS system, creating a streamlined operation that benefits both patrons and…

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NRL Porn

There is nothing quite like seeing the hottest NRL players taking the field and tearing up the Rugby League landscape, and we have so many great performances in recent seasons, lets look at some of the best. Nathan Cleary was incredible in the 2024 NRL Grand Final, leading the Penrith Panthers to their third straight…

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Checking out the Advancement of Mines Gambling: From Classic to Digital

Introduction The fascinating world of mines gambling has seen a remarkable development, transitioning from a traditional, analog video game to an advanced digital phenomenon, recording the interest of gamers internationally. This improvement is emblematic of the broader shift within the gambling industry, where technological developments have introduced a brand-new era of digital home entertainment. As…

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