Six NRL Clubs That Desperately Need Benji Marshall

He is one of the true stars of the game, and yet the Wests Tigers are not convinced that they should pay any extra money to Benji Marshall and finalize a deal that would see Marshall remain a one club player.

You get the feeling that if Benji Marshall wanted to head to another club on more money, the Wests Tigers wouldn’t stand in his way. That got me thinking, which clubs could really use Benji Marshall???

Brisbane Broncos
Once Darren Lockyer retired the Brisbane Broncos went into panic mode. Peter Wallace and Scott Prince were never going to be the answer for the Broncos. Their form this season has confirmed that! Benji Marshall attended high school in Queensland and a return up north might be a good change for him. The Broncos can produce some decent forwards and backs, and with Marshall guiding them around the field you get the feeling they’d be a premiership force once again.

New Zealand Warriors
Imagine Shaun Johnson and Benji Marshall playing in the same team! What a nightmare that would be for an opposition club! Throw in Sam Tomkins and you’d have two great players in Johnson and Marshall leading the Warriors to new heights!

Penrith Panthers
They failed to get Thurston and Carney, but at least they got Jamie Soward, right? Soward on his own hardly fills this Panthers fan with any confidence but throw Benji Marshall into the halves alongside him and all of a sudden the Panthers would have a Premiership winning halves combination that would make them look very dangerous over the next few years.

St George/Illawarra Dragons
Gareth Widdop recently said that he believes his best position might be at halfback. Throw Marshall in alongside the young Englishman and the Dragons would have a number of attacking weapons that would make them a nightmare of a team to face! Imagine trying to shut down Marshall, Widdop, Dugan and Morris….it would be a tough ask!

Parramatta Eels
The Eels are showing a lot of players the door, and there is word they might even be willing to release Chris Sandow from his contract if he can find a start at another club. Throw Marshall into the halves with Sandow though and the Eels start looking like a dangerous side. Especially when you consider what Marshall and Hayne could do on the same field!

Wests Tigers
What the hell are the Wests Tigers thinking! They need Benji Marshall more than any other team in the competition! A veteran play maker who has a number of years left him. A premiership winner who can excite fans. One of the most marketable players in the game. The Wests Tigers should look at what is on offer, ask what they are saving their money for, and just pay Benji Marshall the money he wants so he remains at the club.

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