Handbags At Ten Paces As McFadden Defends Warriors Culture

Andrew McFadden isn’t too happy with Graham Lowe after the former Kiwi coach claimed the Warriors were suffering from a “bro culture”.

McFadden said the club didn’t have any problems and claimed that Lowe was only saying as much in an effort to get himself back into the game.

“He’s obviously very keen to get back into the game — we’ll just leave it at that,”

There have been some suggestions that Lowe’s comments were of a racial nature, but McFadden refused to get drawn into that.

I personally think its time the Warriors showed a bit of urgency for once. For too long the club has been happy to look like world beaters every so often, only to fall away badly and look like the worst team in the competition at other times.

Talent is very rarely the problem with the Warriors. A number of seasons we have seen them have an ordinary season only to finish strong and make waves as a finals team. You have to ask yourself at some point, is that enough any more? Should the Warriors just be content with playing well in patches?

McFadden’s defense of his team isn’t a surprise, a good coach should always stand up for his players. However, after 9 straight losses for the Warriors dating back to last year, McFadden is a coach under pressure to perform.

The Warriors went all in terms of player recruitment. There are no excuses. The talent is there, now it is time for this team to perform. If they can’t get the job done, maybe there is an issue with the clubs culture, and maybe McFadden will be forced to fall on his sword.

One thing I do know is that being good in patches shouldn’t be enough for a Warriors team that is primed for a run at the NRL title. Their first round loss to the Wests Tigers was terrible. They need to turn things around quickly and play with some consistency, otherwise the clubs culture will be changing very quickly thanks to a bunch of departures and the addition of a new coach.

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