Paul Gallen Is Not Happy With Some Sharks Supporters…

News Limited is reporting that Paul Gallen is upset at what he called “disrespectful” Sharks supporters in the wake of news that he will be on the sidelines for a month with a knee injury.

Gallen said the he was hurt that Sharks supporters would question his loyalty to the club after some of them on social media claimed he was more committed to playing for New South Wales in the State Of Origin series.

“I understand there are people that love or hate me in my career, other fans, and they would do anything to have a little crack at me.” Gallen told the Big Sports Breakfast

“But when it comes to Sharks fans I actually hate it.”

Gallen made reference to Andrew Ettingshausen, the Sharks most capped player, when he talked about his longevity at the club.

“There has only been an outside back who started his career on the wing and played in the centres his whole career who has played more games than me for that club, so to put up with things like that I find it terrible”.

Every so often Paul Gallen comes out with a whinge about something, and thats fair enough, he has that right. What I wonder is, why he cares about negative things that are said about him. Paul Gallen doesn’t owe anyone else anything at all. So long as the Cronulla Sharks are happy with him, thats all that really matters.

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