How Did The Panthers, Warriors and James Fisher-Harris Keep The Biggest Move Of The Year A Secret?

Loose lips sink ships, and in Rugby League it sometimes feels like everyone is more than willing to tell you the latest NRL rumours or show off photos of “secret negotiations” that are happening out in a very public place.

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However, yesterday when the world heard news that the best front rower in the game was moving from the Penrith Panthers to the New Zealand Warriors, the news was revealed after the deal had been done and the ink was dry.

To be, that was extraordinary, and really showed the integrity of all parties involved.

The Penrith Panthers and New Zealand Warriors both kept the move under wraps, and both teams should be highly commended for that.

Keep in mind, from the moment James Fisher-Harris told the Panthers he wanted to go home and play for the Warriors, circumstances could easily have changed at any point. The Warriors might not have wanted him. They might not have had any chance of clear the salary cap space to get him. James himself might have got cold feet, deciding to stay at Penrith, or he might have been unhappy with the offer the Warriors made him to join their club, and decided to stay at the Panthers.

A lot had to go right for this move to happen, and it did for all parties involved. The Panthers were happy to grant the release, the Warriors had the salary cap room available and were willing to give James Fisher-Harris a long term deal, and it all happened so quickly.

It really shows the integrity all parties had in this situation. Everyone was acting in good faith. That is pretty rare in life, let alone in the cutthroat world of Rugby League.

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