Parramatta Eels In MORE Salary Cap Drama

The Parramatta Eels have found themselves in a new round of salary cap drama after revelations that the Eels board allegedly rewarded third party sponsors of their own players with free corporate hospitality. This was discussed at board level and is completely against the NRL’s salary cap rules which state that third party sponsors for players much not have any sort of connection with the club those players play for.

The NRL reportedly has not known about these issues until the report came out today.

The Eels recently avoided starting the 2016 season with a four point deduction after the NRL had worked with the current Eels administration to try and get the clubs salary cap situation back on track.

This is a major problem for the Eels. Not only could it lead to more fines, and points deductions, but it shows that at all levels of the clubs there are problems that need to be fixed.

It has been known for a long time that the Eels are a basketcase of a club. They have a lot of raw resources to burn through, but their management is nothing short of terrible.

One of the strange things out of this report are revelations that the club has been paying money to Jarryd Hayne well after he had left the club, walking out on his contract early, to go and pursue a career in the NFL. Why the Eels would still be paying Hayne is anyone’s guess.

You have to wonder how the Eels club can be fixed. Changing the board via club elections has not worked. The NRL has had to go in and help them fix up messes the club has made for themselves. Its hard to see the NRL being able to step in and take over the club as they are in a strong position financially, but something needs to be done.

The Eels should be one of the jewels in the crown for Rugby League. Instead, they are a disaster zone. Now they may cop another find and a points deduction. Can it get much worse for the Eels?

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