What Is The Scoring System Used In Rugby?

So you want to know the scoring system used un Rugby Union? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

There are four main ways you can score points in a Rugby Union game.

A try is worth 5 points. A try is awarded when the attacking team touches the ball down in the opposition teams in goal area.

A try conversion is worth 2 points. When a try is scored a place kick or drop kick is taken up the field and from the same width on the field as the try was scored. The ball has to cross between the goal posts and over the top of the cross bar.

A penalty goal is worth 3 points. When a rules infringement occurs and the referee awards a penalty, a place kick can be taken from the point where the rule infraction occurred.

A drop goal is worth three points. This can occur at any time during play by the attacking team.

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