What Is The Scoring System Used In Rugby League?

Scoring In Rugby League

Scoring a try is the main aim of the game of Rugby League. When a team crosses the try line they must place the ball on the ground for it to by a try. 

A try is worth 4 points. 

When you score a try you then get the option to “convert the try”, which consists of kicking a place kick off the ground that is kicked from a point in line on the field from which the try is scored. 

Like all scoring plays from kicks, the ball much pass between the goal posts, and over the cross bar.

A try conversion is with 2 points.

A penalty goal can be given for rule infractions during the game. These consist of s place kick that is taken from the point of the field where the penalty is given.

A penalty kick is worth 2 points.

A field goal can be kicked in general play at any time, and consider of kicking a drop kick that is kicked between the goal posts. 

A field goal kicked between 1 and 39 meters is worth one point. A field goal kicked from 40 or further out from the try line is with 2 points.

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