Warriors Players Need To Cop Kearney Sacking Like Professionals

Stephen Kearney’s time at the New Zealand Warriors could best be described as a complete and utter failure.

In 80 games as the New Zealand Warriors coach Stephen Kearney managed to win just 33 games, with a win percentage of 41.3%. That simply is not good enough.

Talk that New Zealand Warriors players were “distraught” when told that Kearney had been sacked is touching. It shows that they really liked him, they liked having him around, and that they will miss him now that he is gone. Its just a shame they didn’t put in a bit more effort to play well during his tenure as the Warriors head coach!

Talk that some Warriors players are so upset that they might head home is nothing short of ridiculous. It might actually show what some of the ongoing problems are at the Warriors. As professional athletes, players get compensated financially for their time. They have to perform however. This isn’t a touchy, feely moment. The club needs to pull together and do better, not mourn the loss of a coach that was a failure at the club.

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