Trafficking Charges Against Sandor Earl Dropped By ASADA

ASADA has dropped the trafficking charges it had laid against Sandor Earl, paving the way for Earl to return to Rugby League.

While other charges are still in place, the trafficking charge, which was a little sketchy in my opinion, was the big charge that carries a ban of between 4 years to life.

Because Earl provided evidence to ASADA he is possibly eligible for a reduction on any ban he does receive.

That Sandor Earl has not effectively had his “day in court” after 9 months is a disgrace. Even if he is found guilty of other charges, it should not have taken this long.

Earl basically has been banned before given the chance to mount any sort of defense. That is wrong.

The NRL will cop heat over this but it all comes back to ASADA. This “Blackest Day In Sport” is crumbling week by week. At worst it looks like two clubs were taking part in questionable practices and those two clubs will be punished.

The wide spread drug use and infloitration of sport by crime gangs has siomply proven to be untrue at this point. The reputation of sporting organisations in Australia was heavily tarnished by a government agency that simply didn’t have the evidence on hand to make such incredible claims.

While I believe Sandor Earl was extremely naive, and left for dead by his club at the time, I would like to see him get through this and at least be able to put everything behind him.

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