They Are The Storm And They’re Number One!!!!

Melbourne has won the 2007 National Rugby League Grand Final with an emphatic 34-8 over the Manly Sea Eagles.

In a game thats had everything, brutal defence, amazing attack, courage and stamina, the Storm deservedly won the title as the best Rugby League team in the World with a performance that will be remembered for a long time.

Greg Inglis was amazing in a Clive Churchill winning performance.

Ben Cross and Billy Slater stood tall after a week of injury concerns. Cross provided great go forward all game and Slater was at his deadly best, carving Manly up at every chance.

Manly gave as good as they got for most of the game but they simply come up against one of the best side to play the game in my lifetime.

This is a team that is so well rounded. A deadly backline playing behind a forward pack that just gives its all. A team that is the best coached side in the game, they execute their plays as well as any side I have seen.

Their win is a just reward for the last 24 months when most would suggest they have been the best side in the game.

This is Melbournes second Premiership in their 9 year existance witn their last Premiership won in 1999.

Well done to the Melbourne Storm. They are well deserved Premiers.

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