Souths Sydney Axe Cheerleaders Because They Make Fans Feel “Uncomfortable”

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Look, I’m a fan of Russell Crowe and what he wants to do at South Sydney.

While most try hard want to be celebs go to one Souths game every ten years and then feed of it for the rest of their lives like they are a loyal fan, Crowe actually attends as many games as he can.

While the clubs was circling the drain, Crowe put his hand in his pocket and bought the club, knowing he would probably never make a cent of profit. Now if thats not a true Rugby League fan, I don’t know what is.

So Rusty, you know you’re my boy, but mate, the cheerleaders, come on!

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph in Sydney (See link at the bottom of this post) Crowe told reporters that the Souths had axed its cheer leading squad and replaced them with a group of drummers that are both male and female (I don’t mean they are Transvestites, I mean there are men drummers and Women drummers, so all you Roosters fans don’t need to jump ship just yet!).

The reason given for this move was the opinion that the cheer leaders can make some fans uncomfortable. Even male fans.

Now I think this is spot on. I mean here I am watching the footy, the cheerleaders walk past and all of a sudden I have to cross my legs and I cant get up to cheer when my team scores for fear of knocking down everyone sitting in the 15 rows in front of me!

The club is looking to be “progressive” in its game day experience and it wants to bring woman back to Rugby League.

Thats fine, a noble cause, but have you ever been at the footy and heard a single female fan get upset at the cheerleaders? Ever heard a bloke say “Geez, I wish these girls would move on. I’m just don’t feel good about the way they are being sexualized for my entertainment”.

Nope, neither have I. In fact you are more likely to hear a bunch of women wolf whistling at the players then you will hear a bloke talking about the cheerleaders!

So Rusty, mate, don’t let the PC brigade get to you, because while the blokes have the cheerleaders, the woman have 300+ footy players every weekend they are oggling off and made to feel “uncomfortable” by.

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