Will The Penrith Panthers Show Some Leadership Or Will They Remain Gutless?

I wasn’t shocked when I heard the allegations about Craig Gowers behavior in a King Cross night club on Saturday night.

Let me take you back to 1999 when Gower was kicked out of the Australian Rugby League team after exposing himself to an Irish Tourist at a Coogee Bay Hotel. The powers that be at the time tried to sweep it under the carpet.

Then in 2004 while in NSW Origin camp, Gower broke the team curfew after heading out to the Casino. Now to be fair, he didn’t do anything to bad, he did break the curfew and wouldn’t have been found out if not for a few of his other team mates drinking and screwing their way across Sydney that night, but still, it happened and he was fined for it.

Fast forward to 2006 and boy, he really went on a bender. While at a Charity Golf Tournament Gower basically went mental and did a whole rang of things. He was eventually stripped of the Penrith captaincy, finder $100,000 ($70,000 of which was suspended!) was left to feel very sorry for himself for the next 12 months.

That is until today.

In all of these instances the Penrith club has supported Craig Gower completely. What a wonderful sign that the club will stand by a player who acts like this!

At what point do the Panthers decide that their image has taken to much of a battering? At what point do the Panthers decide they want to set a REAL example and rid the club of this vile behavior?

The days when you could all roll into training on Monday morning and have a laugh about it and sweep things under the carpet are over!

I said last year that Gower should have been sacked. I think once again he should be sacked, but don’t count on it happening. Penrith management have shown they are completely gutless in the past and chances are they will show it again in this instance.

Get rid of him…..we don’t want him in our game!!!

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