Wayne Bennett To Coach The South Sydney Rabbitohs In 2025

It is the worst kept secret in Rugby League!

Wayne Bennett will be coaching the South Sydney Rabbitohs from 2025 onwards on a three year deal.

Bennett had been courted by the Parramatta Eel, but he always seemed set on going to South Sydney.

Now, there has been a lot of talk recently about the state in which Wayne Bennett leaves a team when he decides to move on. Benny picks the right time to leave a club, and a number of teams he has coached have needed a complete rebuild once he has left.

Why? Well, Bennett likes to bring in veteran plays, and that is OK, it works for him. You can;’t argue with his results.

Is that what South Sydney needs right now?

South Sydney are a team that needs a rebuild now, and they need to focus on bring through some junior players and looking ahead to the future. They may also need to make some tough calls on a few veteran players. There are some tough calls to be made.

Bennett can make those calls, there’s no doubt about that. However, at his age, and on a three year deal, does Bennett have any interest in rebuilding the Rabbitohs, or just keeping them to a certain level and not worrying too much about their longer term future?

Time will tell…

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