Reni Maitua Tests Positive To A Banned Substance, Shocking No One…

Its be a great month for the Cronulla Sharks and it has only gotten worse today.

Its been revealed that forward Reni Maitua has Tested positive to a banned substance. The test was taken three weeks ago and while some media reported that it was for either Cocaine or Ecstasy, Channel Nine and the Daily Telegraph are reporting that he tested positive to a performance enhancing drug called Clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is a stimulant and can be used by athletes to reduce body fat and add muscle mass.

Maitua is famous for being a serial dickhead. He was sacked by the Bulldogs last season for his behaviour, with the official reason for his sacking being that he failed to attend a training session. They wanted rid of him and they got their chance.

Maitua’s career was on the scrap heap, his form was terrible, he has issues off the field, basically he had nothing going for him.

The Cronulla Sharks went out of their way to sign Maitua. He was over weight when he arrived and to be honest, he has been very average this season for them.

Great way to pay them back Reni!

If Maitua is banned, that banned will be across the NRL as well as Super League. He will also be banned from playing Rugby Union in a number of countries, as both sports honour each others drug testing bans.

Having said that, we have seen that some countries just could care less about how they get players or what they have done to be sacked, so I would not be surprised to see him playing Rugby Union in Europe before the year is over.

The media will beat this up as bad news for the NRL, but I have to say I think its great news.

Any time some drug taking dick head is wiped out of the game, its gotta be a good thing.

You have to wonder how stupid this bloke really is. He stuffs his career at the Bulldogs, then fights to get his career back, and then as soon as he gets back on the field he takes an illegal substance and his career will basically be over.

Well done Reni, you Grade A, World Class idiot!

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