Wendell Sailor Is Taking The Piss…Right?

There is a bidding war right now going on for the services of St George/Illawarra prop Juston Poore with a few clubs throwing around ridiculous amounts of money for his services.

The best part is that Poore is rumored to be leaning towards taking a massive offer from the Sharks, who have no money, but he will only take up the offer if it is underwritten by Sharkies Leagues club, which has less than no money!

I personally don’t understand all of the hype around Poore, I don’t particularly think he is anything special, but good luck to him if he can get a big pay day.

There are been a few interesting things to come out the the Dragons camp in regards to Poore’s contract talks though.

Earlier in the week Wayne Bennett come out and basically said Poore isn’t worth all the money being talked about. Nice stuff Wayne, way to look after those players you hold so close to your heart.

The best salvo however come from Wendell Sailor, of all people, who can’t have said this with a straight face:

“I know at the Broncos I played for a lot of years there and you take a lot less to play in premiership sides,” Sailor said.

“I was lucky to win a couple (of premierships) … they’re priceless, you can’t put a figure on it.

“You’ve got to weigh up whether you want the money or you want to be involved in finals football and that’s one of the things that enticed me to stay at the Broncos a long time.

“This club can build towards that over the next couple of years … I’d like to see a lot of those players that have come through the system like Justin Poore take a little bit less and stay”

Wendell Sailor left the Broncos, hell he left the entire fucking sport for 7 years for a pay day!

Can you imagine Wendel Sailor trying to talk a player into taking a pay cut to “Win Premierships”. If Poore wants to win Premierships he should take less money to sign for anyone but the Dragons, they have been the greatest chokers in the game for the last 30 years!

This is when the word “Loyalty” gets raped by club types.

Be loyal, stick with us, win a Premiership with your mates. Of course, should your form drop, we’ll throw you in reserve grade, make it uncomfortable to stick around, we’ll make you feel like an outcast and shop you around to Super League clubs.

Poore should get the most amount of money he possibly can while he can get it. Stuff the Dragons, they won’t be around to be “Loyal” when he is 35 and just starting to deal with life after football. They won’t be there to look after medical costs he might incur from injuries he got playing football, they won’t be paying for training or Education to get back into the work force and they certainly won’t be the ones paying for his family and their well being.

The fact that someone like Wendel Sailor thinks he is the voice of reason when it comes to Loyalty says it all really.

Take the biggest offer Justin, you deserve it.

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