If I Was Willie Mason I’d Quit The NRL Today

Some dirty bastard takes a picture of Willie Mason having a piss, and he is the one that gets fined.

Imagine what thats like for a moment, to know that you can do somnething a bit silly and wake up the next day, not only to find it splashed all over the front page of the paper (See what I did there?) but knowing that you could be fined thousands of dollars….for having a leak!

I’ve pissed in public. You have pissed in public. Who hasn’t needed to have a piss at some point in public?

Willie Mason cops a lot of rubbish just because he is a big personality in the game. Mason has never appologized for being who he is, and that really gets up the nose of media types.

He has done some dumb things, I’m not going to defend him on that, and yeah, when you have such a high profile, don’t take a leak in public.

Having said that, the media coverage that hounds Willie Mason is a disgrace. Yeah, he is a footy player, get over it. I don’t need to know every single thing he does, no one does!

I have to say if I was Willie Mason, this latest round of rubbish would have been the final straw for me. In a week when the game has copped so much rubbish, so much sensationalised crap, you find youself on the front of the papers and fined for having a piss.

I’d have gone in and told the Roosters that would be enough bullshit for me. I’d have gone off to play football in England or France, where players don’t have snot nosed journo’s hounding them every single week.

I don’t know Willie Mason, I don’t care what he does off the footy field. I just can’t help feeling sorry for the bloke, he can’t even take a piss without getting hounded by the press!

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