Prop Bets In Rugby Betting: Fun And Profitable Side Wagers

Rugby prop betting offers exciting opportunities for rugby enthusiasts to test their predictions on specific events or outcomes during a match. Unlike other rugby bets, prop bets focus on unique occurrences during a game. 

These bets tend to have lower probabilities but higher payouts. Let’s explore bets that involve individual player performances, drop goals, and penalties.

What Is Prop Betting In Rugby?

Rugby prop betting has you wagering on specific events or outcomes that may or may not affect the final result of a rugby match. You get to bet on the number of tries, the man of the match, the first team to score, the top scorer, etc.

Other possibilities for prop bets include:

  • passes
  • number of tackles
  • penalties
  • kicks
  • drop goals
  • conversions

There are several prop opportunities to make predictions about a game, and many of them have a higher potential payout than more conventional rugby bets.

Finding success with this kind of bet often relies on knowing your players well. 

How Do Rugby Prop Bets Work?

Rugby prop bets usually appear in the form of yes/no or over/under bets. 

To place an over/under wager, you must estimate whether a particular statistic will be greater or lower than a specific figure. For instance, you can wager whether both teams’ combined point totals will be under or over 30. 

Yes/no bets require you to choose the outcome of an event with a yes or no answer. You might get a yes or no question on whether the game will have a penalty try. 

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Prop Bets?

Rugby prop bets have some benefits over other bet types, such as:

  • There are more betting options and variety than standard bets because they cover almost anything that can happen in a game.
  • They can make watching a game more exciting and engaging because they allow you to have a vested interest in specific moments or events within a game.
  • You can expect higher payouts than standard bets as they focus on specific, less probable events like the exact score, the number of yellow cards, or the first player to score a drop goal. Correct predictions result in a higher return on your bet.

Rugby prop bets also come with some disadvantages, like:

  • Some are luck-driven rather than skill-based, as they rely on random or unpredictable events. Betting on things like penalty tries, facing controversial calls, or injuries can make these bets more influenced by luck than standard bets.
  • They can be more challenging to predict than standard bets due to the need for extensive knowledge and research. It includes understanding player and team performance, weather conditions, referee decisions, and other game factors.
  • These bets are riskier than standard bets as they involve specific, less probable outcomes, like betting on the exact score or the first player to score a drop goal. If you’re wrong, you may lose your entire stake.


Prop bets are a fun and dynamic approach for Australian betting fans to engage with the sport beyond the standard match outcomes. You can also delve deeper and go for specialized wagers considering players’ performances and unpredictable factors. Have fun with it, and good luck!


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