A Beginners Guide To Betting On Rugb

Die-hard rugby enthusiasts and newcomers can agree on the thrill and excitement of wagering on the game. With various markets, odds, and strategies to consider, starting with a solid foundation is essential. 

Let’s equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the exciting world of rugby sports betting.

Past To Present: Analyzing Team Form For Betting Success

Like other sports betting, studying current form and past results will likely offer you an advantage when putting bets on rugby. 

It’s rare for South Africa to defeat New Zealand in their territory. In the 46 games played in New Zealand, South Africa only won 10, while New Zealand won 32. Three of them were a draw. 

The last time South Africa bested the All Blacks in their home country was in Hamilton in 2009, when they beat them 32-29. For this reason, it would be risky advice to back South Africa if these two teams were playing in New Zealand territory. 

You can get some great information from head-to-head results as well. For instance, under current coach Warren Gatland, Wales has lost all of its matches against South Africa and New Zealand despite them being an exceptional international team.  

While these odds are by no means unbeatable, they offer valuable insight as a bettor. Reviewing earlier matches can provide you with a clear indicator of where you should spend your money.

Player Profiling: Understanding The Impact Of Key Players

Learn about the players’ advantages and disadvantages. While some teams prefer to use their forwards as a driving force, others prefer to use their backline to gain territory. Others combine these two components with a hefty dose of kick. 

If you need help finding this information, several websites, discussion groups, and podcasts cover rugby betting.

A healthy foundation of knowledge about teams and players will allow you to make precise calculations. Avoid limiting your betting opportunities to your favorite team, aiming for the biggest payout. 

How Do Rugby Sports Betting Odds Work?

Consider that New Zealand and South Africa are about to play on New Zealand territory. Researching historical data shows that South Africa won 10 of and drew 3 of the previous 32 matches on New Zealand soil. The odds might look something like this:

  • New Zealand: -125
  • South Africa: +150

Online betting NZ stats indicate that the Kiwis are the favorite in this match, and South Africa is the underdog. 

If you bet on New Zealand to win the match, you’ll get paid at a ratio of $100 for every $125 you bet. Betting $500 would win you a $400 profit. 

If you bet on South Africa, you’ll get paid back at a ratio of $150 for every $100 you bet. The $500 you put on this bet will win you a $750 profit. 

Shop Around To Win Big: Try Multiple Bookies

It pays to compare odds because bookies have different odds for the same game. Before placing a wager, compare odds from various sources.

Researching online takes only a few minutes and could sway the odds in your favor to give you a winning or losing result. Avoid mindlessly throwing your money at the first bookmaker you find.


Understanding the current and historical form of teams allows us to discern their strengths and weaknesses, while player analysis unveils the impact of key individuals on the outcome of matches. Shop around and compare odds to seize the best opportunities and value for your money.

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