Poll: Which Team Will Win The Proposed Cross Code Match?

News that the Great Britain Rugby League team will take on the Australian Rugby Union team in a hybrid code match at Wembley Stadium next year has caused a debate among supporters of both codes.

I have yet to see anyone that thinks this is great idea. The overwhelming feeling is that it shows the desperation of the both RFL and ARU to try to make money.

Looking towards the match itself, I tend to think the Great Britain Rugby League team would have little trouble beating the Australian Rugby Union side.

I want to know what my readers think though…

Which team would win the proposed cross code match?

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Lets see who supporters of both codes are thinking would win the match!

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Which Team Will Win The Proposed Cross Code Match?

  1. The Wallabies should win because they will at least have some who’ve experienced League. But the technicalities ( this is what unionists generally call the boring bits of their sport in order to liven up the idea if not the game) of line outs and rucks would floor anyone not versed in them simply because of the innumerable ways of giving a way a penalty! I used to re a bit more circumspect about having a go at union but then I came across the nasty trolls that like the sport and feel no qualms about bagging league whenever and where ever they can. That makes everything fair game. Win or lose the Wallabies will triumph in the pages of UK newspapers.

  2. One question will it be four or five points for a try, does anyone know ? If it is different in each bit of the game then the smart money has to be on the Wallabies.

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