Paul Gallen Accuses Coach Peter Sharp Of Not Putting 100% Effort Into The Cronulla Sharks

In an incredible moment of honesty, Cronulla Sharks captain Paul Gallen has said that Sharks players have not put 100% into this season because they don’t believe the coach has put in 100% himself.

“I don’t think players have been putting in 100 per cent because they are under the impression that Sharpie isn’t putting in 100 per cent.”

There is no way around that comment. That comment is damning. Even though Peter Sharp has taken over the Sharks coaching job reluctantly after Shane Flanagan was suspended for 12 months by ASADA, to have the clubs captain claim he isn’t putting in 100% effort into the job is a hammer blow to Sharp’s coaching career.

“He came out day one and said he didn’t want the job. To me players are like school kids. If you can get away with a little bit you are going to get away with it.”

“If you know you can turn up Monday and the coach isn’t going to rouse on you for not having a good game, I don’t think you are going to put 100 per cent in.”

“And I think that has been the problem throughout the whole year.”

The Sharks became the first team on the weekend to be held scoreless in three straight premiership games. It is obvious many of the players have simply given up on this season.

Peter Sharp may have to take some blame for that but the players are simply not putting in. There is no doubt that ASADA’s looming axe is one factor in all of that, but you have to wonder where players personal pride and loyalty to the fan base comes into all of this.

Sharks fans have been through a lot over the years. To have a player, the captain no less, admit that the team isn’t putting in 100% any more must be crushing to Sharks supporters.

The club is in such a dire position on and off the field, Sharks supporters must sometimes wonder why they put themselves through all the heartache.

I think it is a good thing that Gallen has spoken out. Change at the club has to start somewhere. If Gallen hadn’t spoken out the club would have continued down the same road for the entire season. When players stop putting in they get into bad habits that are hard to get out of.

You would think that Peter Sharp has to leave the club immediately. He simply can not continue to coach the club if that is how the captain feels. It isn’t even as though Peter Sharp wants to be doing the job anyway.

I really don’t know who would want to step into this caretaker role at the Sharks right now. The team is playing terribly and Shane Flanagan will be back next season. It is a rotten job with no payoff at the end of it.

So starts another miserable week for Cronulla Sharks fans I guess…

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