Annette Marie – Top 10 Sexiest Rugby League Players Of All Time

This is one is for the ladies (well even some men) Now this is a tribute to some of the lookers of the NRL that have graced the fields with their buff bodies and tough guy looks. Now before you roll your eyes, yes I love my rugby league! I have since I was 6 years old. No, I do not watch the NRL for the eye candy but if a man is good to look at it, he is good to look at!

Here is my list of top 10 sexiest players of the NRL. This is in no particular order and if you agree you agree and if you don’t then feel free to give us your list!

1. Matt Cooper
Where do you start? He only got better with age. The blue eyes, the arms and the legs. He is the Brad Pitt of the NRL. He spent 13 years at the St George club. The loyalty only heightens his sexiness in my books.

2. Sonny Bill Williams
How could I not include this guy? From day one he was on everyone’s radar. We also can’t argue with his popularity among the females. He has been involved with his fair share of scandal but you know what? This is a sexy list so he is in! The tattoos, height, muscle and charming smile gets him my vote.

3. Matt Gillett
The guy who’s name will never be pronounced properly but who cares! Look at him! He has that tall, dark and handsome thing going on! Hey Matt, just a tip from me to you! Keep the facial hair.

4. Sandor Earl
It wasn’t the best year for him last year but no one can deny the kid’s good looks. He is of Maori, Hungarian and English descent. His good looks have led to various modelling jobs and trust us Sandor we never grow tired of seeing them!

5. The Minichiello Brothers
Sorry I know that this is cheating but how could I split the two! They are both sexy. Anthony has that pretty boy, popular boy at high school thing going on while Mark has that Hercules look going on. Whatever, get annoyed that I picked both of them but this is my list!

6. Dean Whare
More like Dean WHAR-OUT! This Kiwi is a popular member of the Penrith club but proves popular amongst the ladies with his good looks. He was Mr May in Footy Ink’s 2012 calandar and we do not blame them for including him.

7. Ben Te’o
Ben oozes manliness and that to me is sexy! He has the body that all women love and the body that every man would love to have. He has a great smile and doesn’t seem to mind taking his shirt off. Ben has been getting a bit cheeky to certain members of the media lately. Everyone loves a cheeky boy!

8. Mark Geyer
Now now everyone, I had to include someone from back in the good old days! He was always one of those tough guys! He is well known for going up against Wally Lewis and he looked sexy doing so.

9. Beau Ryan
They say a way to a girl’s heart is laughter! Well that is Beau Ryan in a nutshell. He is well known for making us all laugh and he gets the ladies swooning! He may have retired from playing but he will continue to be popular in the NRL community. How many people can pull off the Susan Boyle look and still look handsome? He pulls it off!

10. Cooper Cronk
The guy is a winner! He just wins! He wins a place in my top 10 sexiest players in the NRL too. He is a man of many looks. He pulls off rugged without looking filthy and looks equally good in a suit. He is another one of those guys who gets better with age! Is there something in the Melbourne water?

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