Matthew Johns Must Have Forgotten He’s Only Matthew Johns

Paul Vautin had hosted The Footy Show every single year since 1994. He is the worst host in Australian television history, and that is what makes him so great!

In an industry of talentless try hards who have the personality of a wet cardboard box, Fatty is still a breath of fresh air.

There are people that love The Footy Show, and others hate The Footy Show. I’ve been critical of it in the past, but I rarely miss an episode. For me, it is great when they are talking Rugby League, and it starts to lose me when they are talking about other sports or doing some type of gimmicky bullshit.

This week it has come to light that Matthew Johns was offered a return to The Footy Show on a big salary. He was willing to come back on the condition that “his company” produced the show, he hosted the show, and Fatty Vautin was axed.

Wait…..who the fuck are you again?

Matthew Johns used to be part of The Footy Show. There was a feeling the network was grooming him to eventually take over as host. He even hosted the show when Vautin had a few episodes off with concussion over he fell over in a Sumo Suit (How can you not love that!).

Johns wasn’t a good host. He was awkward and tried too hard. In fact, outside of his Reg Reagan character, Johns didn’t really add anything to The Footy Show anyway.

Then, a few years ago news come out of an alleged group sex romp the Cronulla Sharks had while in New Zealand for a pre season trial game a few years earlier. John, who was married at the time of the alleged events, was really the only name to come out as being involved in the incident.

Channel Nine and Paul Vautin stood by him.

At the end of that year Johns left Channel 9 and formed a production company with John Singleton. They come up with a new style Footy Show for Channel 7, with an earlier time slot.

It was nothing short of a disaster. In fact, it is honestly one of the worst shows I have even see on Television. Channel 7 persisted with it, however after less than one year, Channel 7 was actually willing to pay Matthew Johns to stay off the air.

A year out of television all together, and now Johns for some reason thinks he has the right to call the shots to ANYONE? Why?

John Singleton took aim at Paul Vautin, calling him an average player, coach and television presenter. This is what John Singleton does though, he backs a loser and then slags off everyone else. Its why he bought into a Rugby League stadium in Gosford with no Rugby League team….and then took shots at the NRL for not “expanding” to Gosford. His opinion’s are all about self interest, and therefore carry no currency.

Johns however should know better.

For a below average talent, Johns should have a good hard look at the likes of Ray Hadley and ask himself if he wants to end up being very good at his job, and universally disliked.

Hadley has called Rugby League games on the radio for decades. He is very good at what he does on the radio, but has failed numerous times at trying to crack it for a television career.

When a commentator retires, the connection they form over many years with listeners see’s them leave the game with a tide of good will.

When Ray Hadley retires, do you think anyone will be saying the nice things about him that will will undoubtedly see when Ray Warren retires?

Paul Vautin has now been fronting one of the longest running shows in Australian television history for 18 years. That after having a fantastic career as a player and a ridiculously good career as a State Of Origin coach.

When he decides its time to move on, people are going are going to miss Paul Vautin.

With that in mind…..did anyone miss Matthew Johns this past year?

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