Lets Name An NRL Expansion Club In Perth After A Dead Club From Auckland

Having been “inspired” by some of the doped in the Sydney corporate media, I have a real great idea for the next expansion teams in the NRL.

We are going to offer the 18th NRL team to. They will give us a clean slate to expand the national footprint, which is fantastic for Rugby League.

However, what we are going to do is force this new club to have the team colours and logo of an Auckland Rugby League team that went bust in the late 1990’s.

Then, on top of that, this new expansion team in Perth will have to play some of its games at the old stadium that the dead club in Auckland used to play out of. Granted, this stadium is run down, it is not up to the standard of a professional Rugby League stadium, but still, we are going to force that on them just because.

There may be no connection at all between this new Perth NRL clubs and Auckland at all, but, we will force this issue, because a bunch of 60 years olds who didn’t go to games in Auckland anyway feel all warm and fuzzy when they talk about this dead Auckland team from the 1990s.

You see, the future of Rugby League doesn’t lie in new markets, and it doesn’t lie in the hands of younger generations. We want to focus on people on their way out.

You see, when you’re trying to establish a new club in a new market, what you need to aim for is a complete disconnect with that market, and try to confuse the new teams identity as much as you possibly can.

Hamper them with the extra costs and lost gate taking of having to play some home games in a completely different country as run down facilities, and do it all in a market that is already over saturated with sporting content to watch.

Actually….the more I think about it, this idea is silly.

It would be like forcing a new club in New Zealand to take on the identity of the North Sydney Bears.

What a fucking stupid idea that would be….

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