No NRL Coach Has Ever Been Responsible For Their Team Losing A Game…..Just Ask Them!

I feel really sorry for NRL coaches. These perfect people who have to work against the system that keeps trying to drag them all down.

From referees, to the rule book, to the schedule, to broadcasting time, travel issues, turn arounds, the judiciary, the media, fans having high expectations, rumours, the weather….the list goes on and on.

What must it be like to be the perfect coach, to have the perfect game plan, and to assemble the perfect team, only to find out that the dreaded rule book has conjured up some obscure way to stop you from winning a game?

To strive for greatness, to achieve it, and then all of a sudden on game day you and your team become the victims of an agenda. It doesn’t matter what agenda, but just an agenda!

It might also be a referee who obviously, OBVIOUSLY, has it out for your team randomly this week. Why do they hate you so much? You’re the perfect coach, and yet these damn referees don’t give you, or your team, the respect that you obviously, OBVIOUSLY deserve!

Its outrageous!

Don’t even start me on the mind games other people within the game play. You know, Rugby League, the game known for its psychological warfare.

If everyone would just let you show how great of a coach you are, if they would stop getting in your way and targeting you, you would win every single game, because you’re the perfect coach!

Lets lets take a moment to think of the 17 coaches in the NRL right now. All unbeaten in their own minds.

We salute you all!

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