Ireland Has Raised the Bar for Themselves Ahead of 2019 Rugby World Cup

The Irish rugby team is creating history with its performance in the recent past. It has succeeded its hand on the Grand Slam even winning matches in London and Paris- the first time since 1979! The team has come a long way since then and the recent results prove the determination and grith the team has in store today.

The team is showing good potential with talents from Pro 14-winning squad and Leinster and broke all records by winning 14 out of last 15 Test matches. They have good some good acclamations and appreciation just like Poker Stars Casino Review but will they be able to stand out in the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

A Look at Ireland’s Prospects
Ireland has certainly raised the bar with their successful performance in the last games. They had a great win over Australia in Sydney and earned a lead of 8 points before they begin the second half. But they had to put up a strong defense to ward off the attacks from Australia as the game played out.

Jack McGrath is confident about his team and expressed his relief at being able to get a breakthrough in the last 18 months. The Leinster and Ireland prop said that they have raised the bar for themselves in both international and provincial matches so it’s a breather for them. He hopes that they are able to continue their striking performance in rest of the matches.

Though Jack McGrath and Peter O’Mahony both put up a good show by beating Wallabies in their 50th Test captaincies, it cannot be said for sure if they will be able to get a place in the final team. Both the players had to take the sidelines when the game was in final stages when Australia came back in full attack. They will have to wait for head coach Joe Schmid’s nod before they can assuredly said to have a place on the Irish starting team.

The last 20 minutes of the game turned out to be really exciting and the fans were at their seat’s edges. The late penalty by Johnny Sexton brought a bit of relief to the Irish. But soon the Australian side made a loose pass that ended the game for the day for them.

Jack McGrath believes that they will be able to make their way ahead in the tournament as they have showed what it takes in the last phase of the match. They were under pressure for the last 20 minutes but they put up a hard fight and were able to win the match. They might have been lucky for few times but they really got the hang of the game and were able to pull it through. He feels great to be a part of a talented squad and ready to give his best for the upcoming tournament.

We will have to wait for 2019 Rugby World Cup to find out how the Irish really performs.

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