2020 Tokyo Olympics Rugby Sevens Schedule Finalised

When Tokyo plays host to the athletes and teams from all over the world, there will be a fan base crazy for rugby sevens. With just two years to go, preparations are on their all-time high. Each team wishes to get the title and create a history as you can at kasyno platnosc blik. Tokyo will be witnessing this adrenaline-gushed tournament from 27th July 2020 to 1st August 2020. But the schedules will be different.

The first three days will witness back to back matches of men’s teams in two sessions per day. the rest three days will be for the women’s team. The finals of both the men and women’s team will be held on Super Saturday.

The scheduling is done in accordance with the plans to promote the women’s rugby Sevens. We are sure you are looking forward to the event as much as you like playing online games with a Draft Promo code. So, what can you expect?

A Look at Rugby Sevens

For those who are yet to know of this, rugby Sevens is a modified version of a traditional rugby game. In this, instead of 15 players, only 7 players playing seven minutes halves. But the field is a full-size rugby one.

As a result, most of the time, players are busy covering the ground. And that also makes up the most important feature of them. You will find most rugby players to be great sprinters. Rugby sevens made its highly anticipated debut at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Due to their shorter duration, rugby sevens is more popular. It can be played even on weekends. It is for this reason that the matches are more like festivals.

What Makes the Rugby Sevens a Good Bet for the Olympics?

The Olympics is looking to introduce new sports, and ensure that there is more competition. Now, there are different games – including online gaming and even cricket that have been in contention for a while – but they don’t just cut it like Rugby Sevens does.

In its Olympics debut, this form of rugby attracted masses in Brazil. Everyone enjoyed the sprints of players and got to finish the tournament in very less time. With Australian women and Fiji men team lifting the trophy, the sport got popular in these countries. The world rugby is doing everything possible to popularize this game. Efforts are made to trend #tokyo2020 and #2yearstogo on twitter. With the hash tag getting popular, we can expect more spectators and game enthusiasts.

This Olympic will also mark a full-fledged journey of rugby sevens to gain international recognition. Men’s rugby sevens are already popular in the playing nations. The whole rugby sevens are played through seven to eleven tournaments from October to June.

We can say that it resembles in this regards to tennis tournaments. It is also an integral part of the commonwealth games.

In fact, just like other major sporting events, the even rugby sevens world cup is held every four years. This year’s world cup in San Francisco, USA will mark the shifting of the world cup to the middle of the summer Olympic cycle.

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