How Many Premierships Did The Newtown Jets Win Over The Course Of Their History?

So you want to know how many Premierships the Newtown Rugby League club, now known as the Newtown Jets won during their time in the top grade of Australian Rugby League? Well, you’re come to the right place!

Newtown Rugby League club won 3 NRL Premierships over the course of their history in the top grade. They were in 1910, 1933 and 1943.

The Grand Finals they participated in were in the NSWRL which is the forerunner of the NRL.

1910: Newtown drew with the South Sydney Rabbitohs 4-all (Won on count back)
1933: Newton defeated St George 18-5
1943: Newtown defeated North Sydney Bears 34-7

The Newtown Jets were expelled from the top grade at the end of 1983 due to financial coal issues. They continue to this day as a very strong lower grades club.

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