George Piggins Plays The Bitter Old Man As Crowe And Holmes a Court Look Like Stars

South Sydney Rabbitohs

What type of journalist would call George Piggins up and allow him to spew his ridiculously opinions completely unchallenged?

As Russell Crowe stands down as an owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, having saved the clubs from financial oblivion, George Piggins took just hours to try and lay the boot in.

He claimed that Crowe had an obligation to stay on as an owner and made the laughable suggestion that the club may now move to Western Australia.

This from the man that was in control of the club when they were kicked out of the competition!

People tend to forget that the Rabbitoh were re-admitted into the NRL based on a court decision that was later overturned. That’s right, had the NRL wanted to, they would have had ever legal right to kick the club out of the competition for a second time!

Back into the competition and once again struggling to survive, Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court put it to the then small South Sydney Rabbitohs membership base a new model for the club to survive under. Despite a campaign run by Piggins and his old group of supporters, members overwhelmingly chose to sell a stake in the club to Crowe and Holmes a Court. Of course, Piggins claimed the vote was rigged…

Piggins for years has continued to attack Crowe and Holmes a Court. Despite this, both have always openly said they respect the contribution Piggins made to the club and welcomed him to training sessions, club functions and games.

Piggins refused as long as Crowe and Holmes a Court had anything to do with the club…

It is lazy to go to someone like Piggins for an easy quote. I personally don’t know how anyone could listen to him dribbling such shit without speaking up and saying “Hey George, Rusty just spend millions of dollars of his own money fixing what you fucked up!”. Maybe that’s why I’m not a journo!

At the end of the day history will judge this era of the Rabbitohs history favorably. An era when private owners invested their own time and money into helping a grand old club recover from the mess it had been left in.

For that, Russel Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court can be forever thankful to George Piggins. He has made them look really good!

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