Andrew Ferguson – EXCLUSIVE! Jason Taumalolo: Tigers Prepare Mega Deal For North Queensland Powerhouse (Parody)

Struggling Wests Tigers are preparing a shock multi-million-dollar offer to sign North Queensland super forward Jason Taumalolo. It is a deal that would stun Rugby League, nay world sport, possibly even all sport in the entire galaxy. Literally, the entire galaxy, including Kepler-452b. I can exclusively reveal that the offer would span 12 seasons –…

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The Media Enjoys Tearing Rugby League Apart

During the Covid19 lockdown the mainstream media has really shown its true colours, looking to tear apart Rugby League at every opportunity. In between spreading misinformation about the game, its financial standing, misquoting officials and using buss words like “chaos” and “confusion” the media has been actively running a campaign to undermine the broadcasting rights…

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South Sydney Rabbitohs

Ben Te’o Calls Danny Weidler A “Germ”, Refuses To Answer His Questions At Press Conference

Ben Te’o has let Danny Weidler know in no uncertain terms what he thinks of him at a South Sydney Rabbitohs press conference. Te’o refused to answer any of the questions Channel 9 journalist Danny Weidler put to him, or any questions Weidler asked other journalists to ask Te’o. “Nah, no questions from you” Te’o…

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