John Bateman Gives “Bald Headed” Journo A Serve On His Twitter Account, Denies Wanting A Release

You’ve gotta love Twitter sometimes!

After Fox Sport reported news that John Bateman had requested a release from his contract at the Canberra Raiders it became the talk of Rugby League social media.

Bateman didn’t let it last for long however, taking aim at James Hooper, the journalist at Fox Sports who reported the news.

Below is what Bateman had to say about it all on Twitter…

This isn’t the first time James Hooper has come under scrutiny recently. His reporting on Latrell Mitchell has been criticised by all and sundry for not only being inaccurate and all over the place, but for the way it seems to attack Mitchell personally.

John Bateman was having none of that though, and it was great to see. I’d love to see players come out more often to confront some of the ridiculous stories that are written about them by the mainstream media.

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