Sydney To Host Two State Of Origin Games In 2013

Thanks to funding from the New South Wales government, Sydney will host two games in next years State Of Origin series with Brisbane hosting the other match.

Over the last few years the NRL has been pushing for more funding to host these games. Ironically it was Victoria’s willingness to pay to host matches that forced both the New South Wales and Queensland Governments come to the party.

Queensland was scheduled to host two games next season but with the way State Of Origin has been unfairly scheduled over the last decade it was a good move for the ARL to give New South Wales two games in 2013 and then alternate the series from there.

Some media outlets are claiming this makes New South Wales favorites to win next years series. While I think that is a huge stretch, there is no doubt the Blues will have a better shot at winning next season than they have in previous years.

It is expected that next month the ARL will announce changes to State Of Origin eligibility rules, which are badly needed at this stage. While they are unlikely to go as far as I want them to go (You play for the State you were born in) they will at least stop the ridiculous situation where you have State Of Origin coaches recruiting Kiwis into their sides.

The 2013 State Of Origin Draw

Game 1 – June 5
New South Wales vs Queensland – ANZ Stadium, Sydney

Game 2 – June 26
Queensland vs New South Wales – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

Game 3 – July 17
New South Wales vs Queensland – ANZ Stadium, Sydney

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