Expanding Your Horizons As The World Opens Up Again

With everyones travel plans put on hold over the last few years it now now refreshing to be able to sit down and plan the perfect holiday to get away and explore the world once more.

Whether you are looking for a local adventurer, some excitement overseas, or just a quiet get away to somewhere unknown, the deals available for travellers all over the world are exciting to scroll through as you look for something that fits your needs.

Hawaii is perfect for that island get away that also gives you a touchstone of familiarity. The Honolulu is a tourist Mecca for a reason, with a beautiful coast line, plentiful accomodation, and sights such as Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbour, not to mention the perfect road trip around the island where the scenery can change dramatically over short distances.

New Zealand is another country in the pacific that offers a wide range of exciting adventures for someone looking for a fun holiday. From the nightlife in Auckland to the geothermal Terran in Rotorua, the glaciers of the South Island to some incredible fishing off the coast. New Zealand is also known for its adrenalin filled adventure sports, so keep them in mind as well!

The North Queensland Coast of Australia is world renowned for its beauty. From tropical rainforests in the Daintree, to the perfect sands of Whitehaven Beach. One must visit in North Queensland is Hartleys Crocodile Adventures where you can get up close and personal with local wildlife in a safe and fun environment. While of course, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef is a must for any tourist that is looking to see the best of the Australian coach line.

Japan is a very popular tourist attraction for a reason with millions traveling to the nation to experience the nightlife in Tokyo, the beauty of Mount Fuji, experiencing the local customs and cultures in Koyoto, and snorkelling off Koramas Island.

For a taste of what Europe has to offer why not head to Germany and do something a little different with a guided tour of Neuschwanstein Castle. Spend a dan in Hamburg, one of Europes most unique cities, or take a boat cruise through Berlin. A brewery tour in Cologne is a great way to spend a day, as is a tour of the Cathedral and Old Town.

Do the bright lights of Hollywood call your name? Why not head to California and spend time in Los Angeles, where dreams come true! A visit to Universal Studios os a must, and we recommend taking time to do a whale watching tour at Newport Beach. Horseback riding on the Hollywood trail is a unique way to take in the sights and sounds, while a trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and would famous TCL Chinese Theatre is a must see!

While in Los Angeles we recommend a short trip to Las Vegas to take in Sins City! The sights and sounds of the Las Vegas strip will be something you will never forget, take in a show or head out to one of the world famous restaurants. Take in nature at Red Rock Canyon which isn’t too far away, or check out Hoover Dam, situated in the amazing landscape not too far from the city.

With destinations around the world opening their doors again now is a great time to pick up some amazing travel deals. Check out your local travel agents and airlines for the best deal they have on offer, and keep an eye on hotel websites and travel magazines where you can find some real gems.

So go, get out and see the world, make news friends and see what life has to offer!

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