The Great Equaliser 3 (2023) Film Review

The third film about the intrepid Navy SEAL Robert Macaulay is on the horizon. Not just anyone, but Hollywood veteran Denzel Washington himself has been signed for the lead role. But put the third film, however, as well as the first two, Antoine Fuqua, who in principle knows his business. His “Training Day” has long been at the tops of Hollywood cinema.

A bit of history

The first film was released back in 2014, when the studio allocated a budget of $55 million, but they earned $192 million on the film, which famously fuelled interest in the sequel. The second film is also not far from the first, the same budget, and the fees stopped at the same level. In general, the project is alive, the project brings money, which means that the third and perhaps the last part was not far off. By the way, the best online casino australia real money offer games based on this story.

It is a story of sorts about a retired military man who is done with the past. However, situations pop up that have to be unleashed and all these three films the actor is knocking out the bad guys now and then. Denzel is already 68 years old, but he looks chipper. In the center of the plot is our permanent strongman Denzel Washington, and the main problem is the mafia, which wants to liberate a small town from its inhabitants and build a casino there and everything in this spirit.

These events take place in Italy. The director did a pretty good job of conveying the atmosphere of this culture, and the setting in general. Atmosphere is always important. At the very beginning, you will find a cheerful prologue, which will then launch the main plot. By the way, the film was based on the series of the eighties and it is called the same. The third installment will be the last in this franchise, Denzel is long overdue for retirement. Although if you look at Keanu Reeves, he is always ready to star in at least a couple more “John Wick”.

In this part, the authors tried to give us a maximum of fights and frankness, but in the end it turned out to be a bit formulaic. Although the film still smells of originality. Such stories are everywhere, but this project always had its own special charm. I personally enjoyed the first film. It was unusual, and the inherent calmness of the main character in any situation only added points to Washington. In the third part, the scriptwriters threw themselves into religious forgiveness and other allegory. Usually by the third film franchises lose ground, but judging by the reviews the film holds up well.

Denzel’s character is still the same calm retired pensioner who calmly scatters his enemies left and right. At the same time, the third part breaks the main stereotype of such films that the hero cannot be killed or wounded. And if he is wounded, then he will calmly ride away as if bitten by a mosquito. But here it’s different and the hero is vulnerable, at that age. He even gets injured, which is woven into the plot. Antoine Fuqua is a master of thrillers, even though they are not always great. But sometimes he delivers a good story. To make three films is already a feat, but to keep the right atmosphere and pace is a mastery.

Washington is still in his style, but here he is unrecognizable, and his style is really new. I’m talking about all three films, because the character is not a flamboyant black man who is at the mercy of the sea. Here he plays a reserved, much-seen retired man who only wants to read books and eat pizza in an Italian cafe. Well cold-bloodedness with which he knocks out his opponents, striking and that’s his main thing. He’s always punctual and on time. He’s like a John Wick who kills with his mind. But he does really crazy things.

What else you need to know about the new film

The film has a pretty good production and team, whose reputation runs far beyond Hollywood. For all that, they managed to convey a special vibe and show Grandpa Washington in a great light. The same Liam Neeson has long been mired in passable action films that are stamped year after year purely to make money. But Washington is different. He has a resume of his own that immediately brings certain thoughts to mind.

In this film, he gets so acclimated to a new place that he’s ready to consider it a new home. And for his home, he will tear up everyone and everything. The film is filled with gorgeous shots, because in the team was the operator of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and other masterpieces. So there is a lot to look at. Here you will find experiments with shots and intricate action, which is coolly thought out.

Do you know what is the main difference between a good story and a walkthrough or Liam Neeson’s films? It’s a clearly developed good character that you want to be. Now, when the enemy breaks into your house, you also want to scatter them like Denzel does in his films. He’s incredibly alive on screen and that’s his style. All those introductions in the village, the details the writers give the characters. You can love this film for that. And what else people love such films for is the action, which is filled with non-banal turns. This is what the third part is full of, which is probably no worse than the two previous ones.

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