England VS Australia Rugby

The world of rugby is very competitive – and it has been so for many years, especially in countries where this sport is favored among the audiences. Two countries where rugby enjoys tremendous popularity are England and Australia. The result? Some unforgettable matches with incredible viewerships and enthusiasm all across the globe. 

In Australia and England, where sports are ingrained in the culture, rugby holds a unique appeal for the fans – as well as the punters. Whether they bet on the rugged battles between local clubs or the high-stakes encounters in the major tournaments, rugby betting thrives in these locations. Now that bettors have the option to place their wagers – as well as play rugby-themed casino games at legit casinos for Australians, betting is more prominent than ever. Imagine the thrill – you can watch rugby and boost the adrenaline by placing your live wagers on the match!

Now without any further ado, let’s delve into the intricacies of the game, as well as the key moments of confrontation between the English and Aussie players over the years. 

Current State of Both Teams

Australia and England have exceptional teams in rugby. Their national rugby league teams often take part in popular rugby tournaments and on several occasions, they have clashed to play with each other. Let’s learn a bit about each. 

England National Rugby League Team (The Three Lions)

The Three Lions, England’s national rugby team was founded back in 1904. Largely formed from the Great Britain team, The Three Liens is run under the Rugby Football League and as such, it participates in Four Nations, Test, and Rugby League World Cup matches. 

Back in 1904, the team played against Scottish and Welsh players. This lasted until the 1950s when they started touring New Zealand and Australia, as well as some European countries such as France. 

The first appearance in the World Cup for The Three Lions was in 1975. Ever since, The Three Lions have been runners-up for a total of three times, in 1975, 1995, and 2017. 

Today, England’s biggest opponents in the world are Australia and New Zealand. The team is now ranked fourth right behind Australia, New Zealand, and Samoa, with Shaun Wane as the players’ head coach. 

Australia National Rugby Union Team (The Wallabies)

The Australian National Rugby Union Team or, as people call them ‘the Australia Wallabies’, is the country’s national rugby team. The Wallabies first played in 1899 at Sydney and won against the British Isles team. 

Even though the team was founded much, much later than the English rugby national team, it is one of their biggest competitors – and has a higher ranking this year, too. The Wallabies compete annually in the Rugby Championship along with New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa. They have competed in every Rugby World Cup so far and won the final two times. 

Wallabies players are some of the most acknowledged in the world with over a dozen former players inducted into the Rugby Hall of Fame so far. 

England vs. Australia Memorable Rugby Matches

The history of England vs. Australia rugby marks unforgettable matches, watched by thousands of players in both countries – and worldwide. The most notable matches to date include:

  • The 1991 Rugby World Cup final

During the 1991 Rugby World Cup final, Australia won against the English national club and secured their very first championship in history. The Wallabies beat The Three Lions at Twickenham in the final of the Cup, followed by yet another win against France in 1999 for the first spot.

  • The 2003 Rugby World Cup Final

If you love to watch rugby, this is a must-see match. It’s a match for the centuries, one where England emerged victorious in a battle against one of its biggest competitors after their major loss in the 1991 clash. 

  • The 2022 Summer Internationals

In the 2022 summer tour, England completed a 2-1 series victory over their Australian counterpart and won in a 30-28 defeat. 

Upcoming Matches

On 9/10 November 2024, Australia and England will clash at the very same spot they did back in 1991, Twickenham Stadium. The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but this will be the second of four internationals to be played by England in 2024. 

Whoever wins this match will get the Cook Cup.  

Wrapping Up

The most exciting games on the field and the small screens happen when two major and highly successful teams clash, and one such example is the battles between Australia and England in rugby. Judged by what we’ve seen over the years, we have yet to expect brilliant gameplay on the field in the years that follow. As the teams prepare for their next big battle, we watch with bated breath, ready to make our wagers and spend exciting hours following the clash!

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