Daniel Nichols – Jekyll and Hyde Warriors Run Rampant

The on again, off again side that is the New Zealand Warriors have finally had more on days lately than off, and it looks like it all comes down to Andrew McFadden.

The Warriors have won five of their past six games, including their last three straight. Their latest victory was a scintillating 48-0 win over the Eels.

The 36-0 scoreline, if anything flattered the poor Eels after they were beaten from pillar to post by the red hot home side.

Sam Tomkins and Shaun Johnson were the chief destroyers, with Tomkins scoring a double while Johnson put on 20 points.

The Eels were never in the game after a Warriors try in just the third minute.

Luckily for the Jarryd Hayne-less Eels, the Warriors took their foot off the pedal after a near perfect first 40, or it could have been a record loss.

Next Saturday evening the Warriors travel to Brisbane to take on the Broncos, and they’ll be chock full of confidence.

The Warriors have been slashed from $40+ to just $13 to win the title on the back of their amazing run.

Andrew McFadden has overseen a revolution of sorts across the ditch, and it has taken less than half a season.

There is a long way to go in this hugely open season, however the Warriors look like they’re coming good at the right end of the season.

Rise For Alex Round
I cannot believe that some people are talking down the Rise For Alex round this weekend.

I swear it … Some people would boo Santa!!!

This is a brilliant movement set up to provide one of rugby league’s own and will hopefully bring plenty of attention to those struggling as a result of injuries suffered entertaining the fans.

Manly Look Great
Surely Manly would have to be THE team of the past decade? They just never seem to go away.

Now firm premiership favourites after yet another huge win, they look like they’re priming themselves for another run at the big dance.

The wheels on the Manly express looked like they were wobbling when beaten by an understrength Bulldogs side, however a big win over the Tigers has them right back on track.

There are a lot of people who believe the team with the best halves are best placed to win the title, and although Manly have arguably the best halves combo in the league, they without doubt have the best centre pairing in the game.

Matai and Lyon are key to everything the Sea Eagles do and they will continue to lead their side to glory. They may go one result further than 2013.

Despite whatever is going on off field, on field the Sea Eagles are flying high.

Hampton To The Capital?
Anyone who needs convincing that the Sharks are in big trouble, need only look to the fact that Storm reserve grader Ben Hampton told Sharks officials he would accept their offer, yet walked away in order to join Canberra.

Nothing against Canberra, but they’ve failed to land big name players despite being more than willing to play big overs. Hampton’s choice just proves that the Sharks problems extend far further than a lack of results.

How Bout That NRL App Aye?
Today I clicked onto the NRL App around 4 pm to watch the delayed game, only for score to be revealed.

Luckily I had my wife click the view “live” option, as I thought the NRL would be just about crazy enough to list the live score despite showing the game on delay.

Has anyone else ever seen this, or was it a one off glitch? If not, surely they either have to hide the score or oh, I don’t know … show the game live!?

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