At What Point Will The NRL Stand Up And Defend Rugby League?

When Rugby League gained independence and gained control over its own destiny, it was seen as a great day for the sport in Australia. The game was once again able to stand on its own two feet. It was able to set its own agenda. It was able to control its own future and it didn’t have to ask for permission to make important decisions.

The Australian Rugby League commission was formed, we got a new CEO for the NRL in David Smith, and the entire structure of the game was changed to make the governing body work for the game in a more efficient way.

I have concerns so far with the direction this new administration is controlling the game. So far we have seen a number of decisions made that almost make you feel as though the National Rugby League is trying to apologize to non Rugby League fans about what the on field product is. Its as though the NRL see’s the game itself as an obstacle to marketing “the product” to the masses.

Any time someone attacks the game for being too violent or putting players at risk, the NRL reacts in a way that changes the fabric of the game. We are now at a point where the NRL’s own doctors feel they can come out and attack the collision aspect of the sport and know there will be no repercussions.

While the sport does need checks and balances, every single voice demanding Rugby League needs to change doesn’t need to be answered. Some people who do not like the game, and who will never like the game, are seeing their vision for Rugby league being realized over the voice of the masses, current Rugby League fans.

When a huge ground turned up in Perth to watch the Rabbitoh’s play the Warriors, it should have been a huge moment for the game. It would have been the perfect moment to announce that the game was going to expand.

We all know the National Rugby League needs to spread its wings. We know that the sport needs to expand into a new market. Perth has a fantastic stadium, it can already draw big crowds and it has a very good junior competition that has already produced NRL quality players.

What are our administrators waiting for?

Then today, the Bulldogs were forced to move a game from their home ground of ANZ Stadium so that an AFL team, with a stadium of its own at the SCG, could play a game there. There was never any resistance put up. The NRL submitted to the whims of the ANZ Stadium management and the AFL without hesitation.

At what point will the National Rugby League stand up for Rugby League? At what point will they show complete, unwavering confidence in the sport?

What is the NRL worried about? It is almost as though they are fearful of the sport! That they are so worried about standing up to criticism that they have formed a culture of folding at the first sign of trouble!

Someone needs to stand up for Rugby League in Australia. We need an administration that is aggressive and that is willing to fight for the game. Right now, we don’t have that.

If John Grant, The ARL, David Smith and the NRL don’t stand up and start to lead this game soon, it will start going backwards. Then we will all be looking towards having another revolution to bring in a new administration. If that happens, the revolution will turn bloody.

Just look back at Super League for an example of what happens when clubs decide the games administration isn’t doing a good enough job…

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One thought on “At What Point Will The NRL Stand Up And Defend Rugby League?

  1. AMEN! I agree 100% If the League just stood up for the toughness of our game then it would silence the critics, the do-gooders and the people that have nothing better to do than whinge about things that do not concern them what-so-ever. What I would like to know is why everyone is attacking Rugby League? If you’re going to abuse one code, abuse all! Go after AFL, go after Union don’t just take it out on League, just because it may be in your face more than the others. If you don’t want your child being out on the field then go be the do-gooder that you are, wrap your kids in cotton wool and back away from the sport that true Rugby League fans adore. Stop sterilising our code and comparing players and incidents on the field to night outs in the cross. How people have to audacity to compare the two I will never be able to fathom. Players are missing out on games due to being trialled by media, then the media again think its okay to have a bitch and complain about why there aren’t any people filling up the grounds on game day? Maybe it is because you keep writing about issues that aren’t even ‘issues’ in the first place, therefore making a mountain out of a mole hill that in turn get a response from the NRL which are under pressure because no one leaves the damn code alone, then end up sterilising the game forcing die hard league fans to not be bothered to turn up to games as a result of the rule changes, and weakness of the sport. I mean for Christs sake NRL grow a back bone and stand up to these fools before it’s too late. If you come out and say this is how it is then people may finally back off. All these rule changes of late have confused everyone and there is now a massive grey area over the game. How about everyone get off their high horses and turn their attention to more pressing issues in the world. How about you be a parent to your own kids instead of expecting a sporting empire to do the parenting for you! I mean, grow up. If you don’t want your kids in a contact sport keep them away from physical activities completely or make them take up golf? But, for the sake of Australian sporting back away from League. I think it’s time they bring back David Gallop, he was always being criticised but no one can take away from him his composure and complete professionalism and his ability to settle issues immediately when they arose in the game. Save NRL before it’s too late.

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