The Canterbury Bulldogs Need A Young Priest And An Old Priest

The power of Christ compels you!

The power of Christ compels you!

Ah the Canterbury Bulldogs. Another day, another drama…

The Bulldogs have been forced to look for a new venue for for their August 30th clash against the Penrith Panthers after ANZ Stadium deems that an AFL game took priority over the Bulldogs match.

I remember all those Bulldogs membership drive that said Bulldogs members had the privilege of having their seats guaranteed for all home games. I just don’t remember the part that said they were guaranteed, unless the AFL wanted them!

Bulldogs fans have rightfully blown up over this situation. No one likes to find out that the place they think they own is actually a rental. The Bulldogs now have to find a stadium to host the game against the Panthers, although as a Panthers supporter I think its clear this match should be classed as a forfeit and the points awarded to the Panthers.

All of this points to one undeniable fact. The Canterbury Bulldogs are cursed!

I wrote about The Bulldogs Curse not too long ago. With everything that has happened to the Bulldogs over the years, and that keeps happening, there can no longer be any doubt.

The Bulldogs need to hold some sort of official ceremony to break this curse. What they do during that ceremony is up to them.

Burning Tony Williams contract might be a good start. Sacrificing an animal would probably not go down all that well with the PC arseholes that David Smith is trying to market the game to. Burning the jerseys of the other 15 NRL clubs would be fantastic. Either way, something needs to be done to break the curse.

As Regan showed us in The Exorcist, you can come out of the other side of something like this relatively unscathed. After all, its not like there was an Exorcist 2….right?

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