Bradford Bulls Players Didn’t Get Paid Again…

Update: Bradford Bulls owner Omar Khan has come out and admitted the club is having financial issues. He has said will now not be making any payments to players until the 8th of August.

He has also said that the club is not going into administration. Of course, we have heard all of this before. This is an absolute disgrace!

As for my previous comments before this update….

This sounds familiar…

Bradford Bulls players have taken to twitter to complain after the Bulls misses a player payment. The Telegraph and Argus is reporting that the payment was missed due to an administrative error and the club has said that payments will be made this week.

Is it any wonder that Bradford Bulls players would worry when they check their bank accounts and realise they have been short changed? This is how it happens at every club that has gone bust in recent seasons.

The Bulls themselves ended up playing half a season for free last year in what was a disgraceful situation that embarrassed the game and killed the Bulls brand. Now, just as it seems the Bulls were getting back on track, this happens.

People might believe I am being harsh brining this up, but when a club fails to pay so many people in the very recent past, they get no benefit of the doubt.

In Australia player salaries are guaranteed by the NRL itself if a club goes bust. That is not the case for Super League players who get no support at all from the governing body.

Hopefully this does not occur again at the Bulls. I think it is fantastic that players are now willing to speak out at the first sign of an issue.

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