I’m Sick Of Seeing Dell Everywhere

I’m sure that for the first week of meeting Wendel Sailor, he is a nice enough bloke. Friendly, a decent enough player, he can get you coke at the drop of a hat, hey, its better than being a team mate of Julian O’Neill.

However after that first week the attention seeking must get very old very quickly.

Right now Wendel Sailor is on every single Rugby League television show in Australia. I’m serious!

The Sunday Footy Show, the Thursday Night Footy Show, the Sunday Roast, NRL on Fox…..all of them. On top of that he is the first to get his head on TV when someone wants an interview.

Want to see an interview with Jamie Soward? Easy. Want to see one where the stupid fucking reporter doesn’t feel the need to ask about Wendel Sailor. Sorry about that, doesn’t exist.

I always think its great for the game that a bloke that was banned for two years for the use of an illegal drug while playing another sport has been embraced by the media so quickly. I know I’ll be telling my kids that you can do coke, to a point where you get caught, and you can still get on with life and everyone will forgive you.

Just mention you are a duel international, they might not care, but at least it lets you self suck for a few more moments in front of a TV camera.

Considering he is the fattest player in the NRL by quite some margin, the wrap on him is ridiculous. He turns slower than the Queen Mary, he is shaky under the high ball and in defense, well, how many times do you see Jamie Soward getting owned in defense with a shot of Wendel 30 meters up field sucking in the big ones?

I said earlier this year that Andrew Voss had to pull it back a bit or find himself over exposed and hated.

Exhibit A: Wendel Sailor.

Just f*ck off for a little while.

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