You Got Knocked The F*** Out!

South Sydney Rabbitohs

If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned, and I can think of 278,146 better things to do than wind up a pissed off Kiwi with a history of snotting people that are getting on his nerves.

Mad Monday is always a fun time for NRL clubs. They get destroyed on the drink, act like idiots to celebrate the fact their season is over, but generally they do it behind closed doors.

In this whole incident where its alleged that South’s Coach Jason Taylor got knocked out cold by winger David Fa’alogo.

The story is that Taylor is supposed to have slapped him or pretended he was going to punch him and Fa’alogo, well, he wasn’t mucking around.

There are a few things here that I really don’t understand.

Firstly, who was the snot nosed little bastard that felt the need to run off to the media and let them know what happened? I hope they feel really important today!

The biggest question I have is, why is the coach of the club, one of the people that actually put in place an alcohol ban earlier this year, what is he doing not only getting plastered with players, but getting involved in this sort of incident in the first place?

I have no problems with the coach having a few quiet ones while his players go off, its a club after all, but a coach shouldnt be carrying on to the point where he gets knocked out by a player!

Everyone in this situation should have known better, especially Taylor and any officials that were attending the event.

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