Wing Heads “South” As Rabbitohs Get Their Man

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Craig Wing will join the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s from 2008 on a four year contract that will see him play in his preferred halfback position.

Wing was a Souths junior and was forced to leave the club for arch rivals the Sydney Roosters when South Sydney were kicked out of the NRL competition.

When the club returned to the NRL competition there was some talk that Wing would move back but that quickly had cold water poured on it by Wing and the Roosters.

Now, he is back, and he will be a great addition to the club who has been desperate for some consistency and guidance from halfback for over two decades now.

It is also a great sign for Bunnie supporters that the club is still going out of its way to attrack the best players it possibly can. After signing Roy Asotasi, Nigel Vagana and David Kidwell last season they have now claimed Wing. Don’t be surprised if they sign some top class tallent before the year is out as well.

Its a credit to South Sydney owners Peter Holmes a Court and Russell Crowe and just continues the amazing turn around they have achieved at the once struggling club.

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