RLIF Once Again Showing They Couldnt Run A Piss Up In A Brewery

It was April 19th when the Rugby League International Federation (See ARL and RFL) made their big, flashy media announcements in regards to the 2008 World Cup.

The draw was released, we found out the number of teams taking part and that the final would be played at Brisbane Suncorp Stadium.

Since then…..nothing. Not one damn thing.

Its so typical that this would happen in Rugby League. The amount of hot air and false dawns that international Rugby League fans have had to put up with for decades is nothing short of disgraceful.

Many people think that I am not the biggest fan of the international game, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I remember sitting up at 3am to watch Ashes tests between Australia and Great Britain as a youngster, and to this day its been well over a decade since I have missed watching a Kangaroos test match.

The thing is, unlike many of the cheerleading types you find, the ones that cling to made up stories and fantasies, I don’t buy into bullsh*t put out by the governing bodies running the game or the kids in Sydney who make up “official websites” for nations where the game has never been played.

The way that international Rugby League is run is nothing short of criminal.

Decisions are made with self interest in mind and short sighted goal are the order of the day. With the World Cup around 16 months away, we still know very little about the competition.

I get e-mails and messages every day from people in the UK who want to come over to Australia for the World Cup, but who simply cant wait much longer for confirmed details of matches.

With time off work to sort out, visa’s, spending money, flights and accommodation to arrange, British fans and even most Australia fans NEED to know more details about the 2008 Rugby League World Cup RIGHT NOW!!!

So what can you do about it?

I would suggest that if you want to make the people running our game get up off their arses and confirm some of the details for the World Cup would you make you voice heard and contact your countries governing body and express your concern about the lack of available details.


Contact The Australian Rugby League By Clicking Here
Contact The Rugby Football League By Clicking Here
Contact The New Zealand Rugby League By Clicking Here
Contact The French Rugby League By Clicking Here

We all want the World Cup to be a success but like most things in our great game, it takes fan power to make good things happen. So get in touch with the people running our game and tell them to get moving!

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